View Full Version : Upgraded to CS5/Flash Player 10, All Hell Broke Loose

05-07-2010, 03:44 PM
Hey guys.

So I finally finished my game the other week and have currently been on the hunt for a sponsor. Everything was going great and I've even had ideas for new games. I didn't want to start them until I upgraded to CS5, so yesterday I bought/installed Flash CS5.

This also appears to have updated my Flash Player from 9 (8?, I dunno what it was) to 10.

Now, when I go play my .SWF of my completed game (which was made in AS3 in CS3) it's acting all shitty. Certain functions aren't being called to stop sounds, the game isn't playing right in certain areas, etc...

I'm *this* close to just smashing something against the wall.

Does anyone have any idea how I could fix this / has this happened to anyone else?

- - - - -

BONUS CRAZIES: I opened up the CS3 .FLA in CS5 and saved it as the newer CS5 format. I then exported a new swf and not only is it still acting shitty, now, certain movieclip images have been completely swapped with other TOTALLY unrelated movieclips. This absolutely makes no sense...

Is there some way I should be saving this or something to get it to work the same no matter what the Flash Player? I mean, I can see the game not working right if I was using an older Flash Player version, but a newer one?