View Full Version : Levels and Functions

03-06-2003, 09:18 PM
Please define these terms; I continue to have problems with their most appropriate uses.

03-06-2003, 09:50 PM
Can you be a bit more specific please????
Have you read the helpfile (AS dictionary) or some tutorials?
What does give you problems?

03-06-2003, 10:14 PM
Sorry I was vague. I have problems with levels in general. I understand layers and depth within layers. I also understand nested objects, i.e. dot notation. I just do not understand where levels fit in.

03-07-2003, 06:54 AM
Maybe someone can explain it a bit better than me, but levels are the same as depth, it has to do where you have your instances placed relative to the root (the main timeline) also referred to as level0. The layer tells you what has to visually appear on the top (arrange in the modify menu).
The layers are read (default from bottom to top) sequentially, and a shape on the bottom layer will be covered by the shape on the next layer up (if they are placed at the same position you will see this).
So where things are getting confusing is the movieclip method mc.swapDepths(depth);
where depth is a number. This method can only be called when there are more instances (copies) of the same parent mc. In effect it looks if they are on a different layer, but as it is dynamic, I guess it is the depth/level (time). The effect is the same.
So dynamically you use level or depth, static you use layers.
Hope I didn't confuse you anymore than you alreadey were?