View Full Version : [AS3] Advice on whether to use FLVplayer Comp or netstream

06-13-2010, 10:25 PM
Hi all

I was hoping for some advice on how I should be building / using the video player for my site. To explain the site it is an artists site. There is a main swf with a list of all the artists works. The majority of the menu buttons load a simpleviewer gallery (v2) however two of the buttons need to load a video clip.

So far for the video clip I have the buttons set up to load an external swf that contains a flvplayer component.

The Problem
When testing this on the server, if the user clicks on a button that loads the external swf (with flv) everything works fine but if the user decided against watching the video clip, selects a different menu item then changes their mind again (artists can be very indecisive!) and cliks on the same button that loads the external swf (with flv) the player shows but the connection seems to hang. I am guessing this is because it still trying to load the last attempt.

So would trying to build the video player using the netstream method be more helpful and could I then have some code on all the buttons in the main movie that would clear a previously started netstream that is loaded via an external swf? If so does could anyone suggest any good links for beginner tutorials that cover building a netstream connection. I am plugging away with AS3 but i have no idea what to do when errors get thown up which happened with the last tute I attempted.

I realise this is a recurring issue and I have tried following threads but have either got lost in the solution not really knowing if that solution is actually what I am looking for. I can't believe this has all got so complicated when all I want to do is move from one movie clip to another and back again and not have to wait for everything to have downloaded

If it would help anyone I can put the address of the site (its finished bar this) or I can put up code but i don't think it is code that is the issue as like I said everything works fine on first attempt.

Many thanks