View Full Version : EDIT SWF - remove all AS

10-29-2010, 09:12 AM
i have some SWF files, been passed to me, no way the get the source.fla files.

Those files are banner/adv and they all have only a unique click area
button as geturl.

I have the need to change the geturl link param.

I thought to create a new flash to embed the file, importing it into library.
Sometimes i can do it sometimes i can't. I guess it depends on the complexity of how the swf was done. Some are even protected from importing into library.

When the import into library works i'm ok i add a trnsparent button over the imported swf and i apply the new geturl.

but how can i manage the other situations?
where the import give unattended results, or when import is not permitted?

is there any way or tool that can help me?