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05-18-2001, 01:27 PM
Just wondering what people think of this site.

My colleague and I developed this 100% flash site for the company we work for. We want to give straight up thanks to all flashers out there who helped us and gave us ideas for the site.

05-18-2001, 08:02 PM
Post the url.

05-18-2001, 08:07 PM
oh yeah that would be a good idea....long day



05-18-2001, 08:39 PM
Instead of a clickDrag function, consider having the dandalion react to mouseOver and mouseOut.
When you drag an item into the requested area, instead of having to rollover a second time (the document icon) have that content come up when u first place the item. Too many tiers of animation.
Not sure I like how the text fadesIn. The content should all have the same presence. In some sections you have no animation at all.. then the fadeIn. Pick one.
Client List:
Text is almost illegible. Again, I think you overused animation to display content.
Your graphic layout is different for many of the sections. Possibly pick on layout set, and stay with it.
For example, in "Voice" you have an image in the topLeft, links, below, content main box. Stick with that. The content is most important; give it the most real estate. The images are just stock. they dont need to large.

Make that bug go away after a short time. I want to kill it, but I can't. :)

Some of the sections have preloaders to instruct the user.. think about it like this, if you have to take time to teach someone to use your site you could loose them within it.
You have to decide whether you're communicating information of just showing off some neat flash.
When you click on some sections in the nav, it displays the subs and nides the main nav. Possibly, have a drop down for the subs and always keep the mainNav. accessible.

Overall, nice site and flash, but try to decide what you're conveying to the audience... information or a barrage of flash eye candy.
Hope this helps.
Best of Luck.

05-19-2001, 03:20 PM
I love the graphics and interface, but the site layout was cumbersome. I would keep everything on the same url.