View Full Version : Site testing - Text misaligns after uploading to web

i am kaleb
12-01-2010, 07:35 PM
I'm taking a flash website template purchased by a friend and configuring to suit his business. Yesterday, I viewed the .swf file from my local machine, and everything looks exactly as it should. I also uploaded to my server to view live on the web in a couple different browsers, and everything was fine. Today, I uploaded a newer edit to the site and the .xml file to test the browser compatibility, and the text in my navigation has disappeared, and the content text is double spaced, causing major alignment and much of the text to remain unseen. This leaves the viewer unable to see which pages they are navigating to and they will see a poorly developed site.

To sum it up...it looked fine yesterday, then after some edits to both the source .fla and an .xml file that provides the content, i have issues after uploading it to the web.

You can see what I am talking about here:

I had some errors trying to upload the source files, but have them ready to send!

If I have left out any pertinent info, please request anything you need. I'll be patiently waiting until someone can offer some advice.

Thanks in advance!