View Full Version : [AS2] Problem with Full Screen Mode Flash Projector

12-06-2010, 05:17 PM
Hi I am having an issue with a flash application that was built in AS2 and pulls in swfs and xml files with a table of contents and in different languages. It works great if you just open up the exe file and run it but as soon as it gets put into full screen mode (flash player 9) the xml gets pulled in for the first menu item clicked on. Then if you click on another title though it does not display. This happens if I switch languages too. The first title clicked on shows up but if I switch to another title it is blank. If I let the movie run through all titles on its own there are no issues either. Help - anyone run across this before or something similar?

01-04-2011, 02:10 PM
Hi just wanted to jump in and let you know you are not alone. Did you happen to find a solution for this problem?

I'm having a similar problem with flash player running in full screen on a kiosk. The idea is that whenever the xml file is updated it should change the messages on the kiosk. The problem I'm experiencing is that when the flash player is running in a browser or when the .exe file is running on the desktop the xml file loads fine. When the flash player is put into full screen mode it initially loads the xml file, but if the xml file is updated it won't load the new changes. This seems to be almost exactly the same problem you're experiencing.