View Full Version : confusion about short description and Article content

12-08-2010, 06:23 AM
I have expressed a technical doubt about how to upload files and embedding flash files into the article. it is answered vey promptly. thank you. I got another doubt in updating content.earlier I have added all my content as external Link and just added a short description. After your guidelines about uploading and embedding I have successfully changed the content. I got a good preview also. But earlier I checked the article type as A short article or summary that may link to an attachment or a website(First radio button). but when I changed it into the First type:A complete article with one or more pages of content, i am unable to see the preciew of article content.Only i could see the Brief description part only.
what is the right way? 1) keeping the main content in Description or Article Content? Then what about preview of the article. I want to check whether the embeeded flash fles appearence.