View Full Version : Flash CS4 crashing with large transparent PNG files

12-29-2010, 09:30 AM
Hi all,

I'm working together with some designers to build a project in flash CS4. They normally send me their work as either jpg's or png files.

When importing a sequence of png files I find that flash slows down considerably... but not only that, when I try to copy and paste a symbol that contains transparent png in their timeline it crashes.

For instance if I select a frame which contains a movieclip with png's inside from the general timeline, and try to paste that frame on another layer I will get a message of Flash stopped working and eventually it just closes down.

I tried this on a version of Flash CS5 and it also has the same problem but worse, as soon as you press Control + C the whole thing closes down.

I'm suspecting this is caused by large transparent png files, but I'm not sure. Has anyone had this issue or knows anything about it?