View Full Version : How do I open a flash "project" in CS4? Sothink decompiled, FLP file...?

01-16-2011, 05:08 AM
Ok so I'm trying to edit the actionscript in an SWF. I have SoThink and it's great, I can see all the script I need to edit with it.

Problem is, when I decompile it, it doesn't simply decompile the whole thing to a FLA, it decompiles some of it to the FLA and it puts other assets such as actionscript into sub-directories (actionscript classes get put into separate .as files) and leaves the FLA stripped of most of its functionality.

There is a .FLP file included as well as the FLA.

After literally thumping my face against the desk trying to figure out why Flash wouldn't load the classes with the FLA, I finally found a post stating that this method of storing projects (individual files and directories, root FLP file) only works on CS3 or lower.

Many posts mentioned that there is some way to convert from CS3 project type to CS4 but none of the instructions worked for me, I still end up with a basic .FLA file which has no actionscript attached to it. I could manually cut & paste it all but there are a LOT of classes in this swf so I'd obviously rather avoid such messiness if possible. What's wrong here? How can I fix it?

Why, essentially, can flash neither open the FLP file, or recognize the surrounding .AS files when I open the FLA?

01-16-2011, 08:57 PM
I used SoThink decompiler to decompile a SWF to FLA. Unfortunately, it decompiled it to an old CS3 format where the FLA is just the basic flash file and all the actionscript etc are stored in subdirectories and .as files. Accompanying the .FLA file is a .FLP file which I believe is meant to tell flash what to import when you open the project.

However, this doesn't work at all in CS4, so I can now edit the FLA but there seems to be no way ti import the .AS classes into it. Is there any way to convert a CS3 project format into the CS4 format? Google would have me believe there is, but also that apparently no one on the internet knows how, and Adobe's own how to for it is mind numbingly incomplete.

Anyone know how I can do this?