View Full Version : update a slider iln custom itemrender based on a datagrid cell's value

01-31-2011, 04:59 PM
I have one datagrid (dg1) that's draggable and a second datagrid (dg2) that's dropenabled. When I drop an item onto dg2, a popup displays and this popup has a slider ranging from 0-10. when you close the popup, the text item from dg1 plus the slider value from the popup updates col1 and col2 in dg2 respectively. BUT i have a hslider itemrender in col3 that needs to dislplay the value that's in col2 and update col2 value if you make a change on this slider intemrender. How can I do that?

the problem i'm having is the slider itemrender is getting changed from the value set in the pop up window. that's fine. but when i add another itiem and set the slider value in the popup, no bot slider itemrenderers get changed to the new value.

when i close the popup window to populate the row i'm just myDP2.addItem({col1:temp, col2:slideTemp}) and the itemrenderer slider in value is col3 is bound to the slideTemp var so I guess that why they're all getting updated.

I need to be able to separate these values into separate ones. col1 and col2 get populated fine by temp=event.itemRenderer.data.col1 and slideTemp = event.target.value.