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02-11-2011, 09:06 PM
I am sure most of you know that Adobe released Flash Player 10.2 three days ago.
I am stuck on how to install and set it up on Flash Professional CS4 to deliver content for Flash Player 10.2.


1. How do I update "AS3 Language and Components Reference" pages which are stored locally on my computer?

For example, get StageVideo documentation to show when I access at file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Common%20Files/Adobe/Help/en_US/AS3LCR/Flash_10.0/index.html (on Windows computer)
I need this so that I can work while offline.

2. How do I make Flash Professional CS4 to be able to compile for Air 2.5 and Flash Player 10.2?

There is currently only up to Air 1.5 and Flash Player 10 in publishing settings.

3. How do I compile for Air 2.5 and swf for Flash Player 10.2?

I read that I need to add -swf-version=11 in the compiler argument.
However, I'm using Flash Professional CS4 and not Flex or Flash Builder.

3. Shouldn't all these be done when I do Help > Update?

Do I have to wait like a week for the update to work since Flash Player 10.2 was just released?
Or is it necessary to go to Adobe Flash Player Support Center page and manually download, rename, and replace files?

4. What is the difference between "DEBUGGER (AKA DEBUG PLAYERS OR CONTENT DEBUGGERS)" and "STANDALONE (AKA PROJECTORS)" players for flex and flash developers?

Which one refers to the compiler for generating swf?
List of downloads from Adobe Flash Player Support Center page are:

Windows Flash Player 10.2 ActiveX control content debugger (for IE) (EXE, 2.99MB)
Windows Flash Player 10.2 Plugin content debugger (for Netscape-compatible browsers) (EXE, 2.95MB)
Windows Flash Player 10.2 Projector content debugger (EXE, 6.36MB)
Windows Flash Player 10.2 Projector (EXE, 5.37MB)

What are each of them?