View Full Version : Looking for Actionscript Coder - Short project - Paid

02-22-2011, 02:33 PM

I'm currently in my final year of University, I am studying Games Design. I'm planning to make a short game in flash. Most of the assets for the game are made. I need someone to put them together into a playable version according to a written document.

This flash game will also be published on a number of websites and promoted to groups of people. I'll include it in my final year show, where various games developers will be present. Your name will be included on this and I can promote you if you want.

The game itself is very simple. There are three levels. One resembles a Dancedance revolution level. One is similar to pacman. The final one is similar to those levels in Crash bandicoot where you run away from the rock as it chases you.

I'll happily pay for this, but we'll have to discuss it. Anyway, send me a PM, reply, or if you'd prefer, I'm almost always on Steam:

STEAMID: TripleInfinity

Thanks for reading.