View Full Version : uiloader and scrollbar

03-10-2011, 12:36 PM

i'm a flash beginner (flash CS5) and i have a problem i couldn't solve although i searched almost the complete web for an answer. also, nobody answered my threads in flash forums. and in the flash help i didn't find any helping article, too.

so, here's my problem:

i have a uiloader on the stage and the content it is loading is bigger than the loader. i neither want the content to be scaled to the size of the loader, nor the loader to be scaled to the content's size.

i want to scroll the content through the loader.

so i typed the instancename of the loader to the scrolltargetname of a uiscrollbar. but that doesn't work.

do i need the uiscrollbar for scrolling the uiloader? or is there any other solution?

please excuse my poor english.
i hope you can help me. thanks :)