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03-17-2011, 05:10 AM
I am having some troubles with removing these mc's after they have played. They seem to stay in memory, and after a while my menu becomes slow.
I wonder if someone could have a look at my .fla...... Please ??? As you will see, the problem is not the menu per se, but the user history that accumulates from buttons clicked.... I am having a hard time with this...
I would be extremely greatful!!!

I have to specify a little bit here.
This is a menu for a website, and it works like this:
From the main menu, there are submenus which occupy one frame each. A pryMenu script lies on a separate layer on the first frame. This places menuButtons on the stage when frame 1 runs.
What happens then is that you are redirected to the right submenu(frame) , and there are no problems here.

The problem occurs when using the "user history" functionality I have made on the left hand side of the main menu. For each main-menu button you press, the name on this button is added to a dynamic textfield and then the textfield is added to an empty movieclip which resides on stage(spread over all frames) This enables the user to track his/her resent movement, and click the separate entries to go back or forth.

The big problem is that, as you may see through the trace() I have put in the rotational transition animation between each menustate;
the rotation MC's stack up according to what number they are in history.
For example: If you have 6 items in the history - list on the left, the output window shows six occurances of the transition clip. I ONLY WANT 1!!
As you will see, when you have 10 items in the history list, the rotation still runs, but it is understandably veeeeery slow.........