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03-30-2011, 06:18 PM
Hello guys, I'm new here so I guess that's the correct board to post.

Well, I'm trying to find some addresses in a flash game with Cheat Engine(CE), but here is the problem.

As I could see the addresses used on it isn't static, so everytime that I open the game again the addresses are totally different, I tried to use CE to find like the X position of the character, but after some Scans it found 6 Addresses that change to the correct coordinate that I am.

Well, I read some tutorials and I know that I must to use pointers etc, but that's the problem, If we find only one address it's "easy" to find pointers, but it's finding 6, what address should I look? I used the function "What is writing on this address" (something liek that) and each one return a different value on the [eax+XXXXX], where XXXXX is the value.

Anyway, I got one of these address to test, but when I scan it to find the pointer but well, it returns more than 800000 results, how am I suppost to know what I have to use ? ;s

Trying to find some addresses again I started to scan Double values and it worked better, as you can see the Mana value has 2 addresses as the Life, but on this SS is only showing the Mana address.

Well, when I click on "What writes to this address" you can see this:

ht tp :// img190 .imageshack .us/i/ pointer.jpg (remove the spaces, I can't post URL's yet)

So what do you think about it ?!

As you can see those addresses, when I close the game and open again they are different's, am I looking on the correct place? I mean, if I found the pointers values etc will be possibl to "know" where those informations are automatically as when we are using static addresses ?

I don't know how Flash Games "gets" the memory, so if someone could explan that for me please. There is some "rules" that makes it to get X address or what ?!

Any help would be great, sorry for my english, I'm brazilian.

Thank you.