View Full Version : I am losing a contest I should be winning! HELP!

07-04-2011, 02:50 AM
I wrote a blog post about a website where you can sell source code. The winner gets an iPad2. Out of the top 10, the one I think is the absolute worst submission is winning as he has all his friends voting for him. I didn't realize that it depended on how many friends you could get to vote for you, I assumed it was based on merit and quality of the submission. I'm cashing in all my internet favors to get some justice.

Below are the details. My submission is #3 in the contest. Thanks.

Here is the link to the contest :

[Facebook Contest](http://goo.gl/lEuY6)

Below is my blog post #3 and the current winning blog post #6. The number at the beginning is the number that it is in the voting list. Currently #06 is running a gorilla campaign to win the contest. I hope reddit can help make the contest run its natural intended course.

[03 http://bnpr.es/m9wRSq]

[06 http://bnpr.es/lz4jdI]

07-30-2011, 11:49 PM
Voted for you!
That's a shame how they make the voting, so you basically just need to have 600 FarmVille friends to win.
Well.. I wouldn't want an Ipad anyway :-D but good luck!