View Full Version : CS5 "Also include these Characters"

07-20-2011, 01:18 PM
Hi - I've got a problem with some special characters I am trying to use, and its baffling me totally.

I'm embedding a font into a Flash file and using the "Also include these characters" to embed ©®™ symbols... They are for use in a Dynamic Text Field using Classic Text which pulls in content from an UTF-8 encoded XML file (updated by a CMS).


The font embeds fine, but the extra characters do not work correctly. I have checked the font, and these symbols do exist.

If I use Headline™ the ™ doesn't show, but if I use Headline ™ it shows fine (notice the space inbetween)

Any ideas why it will not show without a space.

Apologies in advance, I use seldom use flash and struggle my way through the few sites which I maintain as best as I can.