View Full Version : Screensaver 411?

08-02-2011, 02:04 AM
I've seen the posts about getting a 3rd party tool to make a screensaver, but I haven't yet seen something that defines what you can and can't do in a screensaver.

As in, can you take any swf (even if it loads in other files) and make it a screensaver. Is the conversion tool in charge of the controls that make the screensaver turn off or do you set a button to quit the swf?

Anything else I should know about the Flash side of making a screensaver?

08-02-2011, 02:44 PM
I make one of those tools. SWF Studio (http://www.northcode.com). You can load any SWF that you can load in Flash and that SWF can load other files. You might have to change some paths if you're loading FLV files (there are ways around that) but in most cases you can just covert your SWF to a screensaver and go.

SWF Studio takes care of shutting down when the user moves the mouse or presses a key but you can also disable that on the ScreenSaver Tab (http://www.northcode.com/v3/help/index.html?page=User%20Interface_Main%20%20Screens aver%20Tab.html) in SWF Studio.

In addition you can use any of the exteneded SWF Studio commands in your screensaver so you can access the file system, the registry, make HTTP requests, download files (for automatic updates) and LOT more.

That "what you can't do" list is pretty small if you're using SWF Studio :)