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08-02-2011, 08:17 AM

I'm writing a video chat application,
and in order to have more flexibility in HTML design, I'm using 2 flash instances for this on my HTML page -
Instance 1 - For the client's webcam and microphone (broadcaster)
Instance 2 - For the partner's video (receiver)

I've got this to work just fine with a Red5 server,
But Windows 7 has a built in option that whenever a voice/video chat starts, it automatically reduces the sound of all OTHER applications by 80%.
The problem is that Windows 7 sees these 2 instances as 2 different applications, and reduces the partner's voice by 80% !!!

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IS it possible to have flash see these 2 instances as one application to prevent this windows 7 behavior ??
Is there any other workaround for this ?

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