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04-18-2003, 09:46 PM
i have a scrollPane.swf file and a list.swf file

the scrollPane loads the list.swf.
The thing is, in the list.swf file...i am creating MCs and textfields dynamically.

when I run the list.swf file....the MCs appears with text inside.
But when I use the scrollPane.swf file to load list.swf into the scrollPane, nothing shows.


I've attach the list.fla....

all you need to do is create another fla that has a scrollPane and load list.swf using scrollPaneName.loadScrollContent("list.swf");

thanx in Advance

04-18-2003, 11:17 PM
ok. I figured it out but my solution is *whack*
it doesn't really make any sense!!

If anyone can shine some light, I'll be very grateful.

If you have checkout the list.fla...(i have a layer call "action")
In action, I create these MCs and textfields w/in the MCs at runtime.

I had stated my problem earlier.

Now...the sol'n

I added a new layer underneath the "action" layer.
I manually create a "static" text field and some text....but I made the color of the text as "white" to blend into the "white" background.

So I went back to the scrollPane.fla.... test and it works.
This is strange!!

My only guess is....that I am creating the contents of list.swf at runtime and nothing is on stage.
So...when it gets loaded into the ScrollPane...
*I guess* it thinks that it is no point in saving it b/c nothing is on there and throws it away.

So...since I added in that static text....there is stuff on the stage and gives it enough time to create the MCs.

So...AM I RIGHT?...OR ....I'M NUTS

But this doesn't really solve my problem b/c the scroll is set based on the "static" textfield and not the rest of the content in the list.swf that I had created at runtime.

04-19-2003, 12:04 PM
ok...i guess no one can help me.

just in case a search was done and the individual happens to come across this...

The sol'n I can think of for now is to you the listbox (which will limit what I want to do) :(

But it should work.