View Full Version : Hand cursor on the Scroll Pane's arrow buttons and track?

Evil Ed
04-19-2003, 10:30 PM

I'm hoping this is something really simple and I'm just being stupid;

How do I get the hand cursor (the same one that appears when you roll over a normal button) to appear when I roll over the scroll arrows and the draggable scroll track in the Scroll Pane component?

So far I've tried using the ".useHandCursor = true;" just about everywhere I can think of, and I've also tried adding a button to the actual MC that's in the Library's UI Component Skins folder.

Anyone encountered this problem or have any suggestions?

Thanx in advance.


Clint Critchlow
04-20-2003, 05:35 PM
If you want to change it for all scrollpanes and scrollbars in a movie then change the code in the component. Open up Flash UI Components and select ScrollBar to bring up the ActionScript for it.
Do Find for "useHandCursor" and when you find them switch the false to true,
this.scrollTrack_mc.useHandCursor = true;
There should be about 4 places to make this change.

If you want to just change some scrollpanes or do it at run time add this code when you want the action to happen;
Instance is named myScrollPane_sp

//scroll track
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.vScrollBar_mc.scrollTrack_ mc.useHandCursor = 1;
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.hScrollBar_mc.scrollTrack_ mc.useHandCursor = 1;
//vert track buttons
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.vScrollBar_mc.upArrow_mc.u seHandCursor = 1;
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.vScrollBar_mc.downArrow_mc .useHandCursor = 1;
//hor track buttons
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.hScrollBar_mc.upArrow_mc.u seHandCursor = 1;
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.hScrollBar_mc.downArrow_mc .useHandCursor = 1;
//scroll thumbs
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.vScrollBar_mc.scrollThumb_ mc.useHandCursor = 1;
_level0.myScrollPane_sp.hScrollBar_mc.scrollThumb_ mc.useHandCursor = 1;

Evil Ed
04-21-2003, 07:37 PM
Clint, thank you so much m8, works a charm!!