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10-21-2011, 07:04 AM

I have a project, which has over 200 swf files. Each swf file is created from a fla file which means I have 200+ source fla files and 200 swf files.

It's a nightmare to continue the same workflow and devleopment, as the next project is going to following the same output, creating another 200+ swf files. Luckily, all the fla files uses one class file and the fla itself just use to configure the required swc, nothing else is needed by the fla file.

I am trying to use Flex to manage the whole project, but it doesn't seem to work well.

The main problem I have is that Flex isn't flexible enough to specify an output filename and output folder for each class file - even I am willing to create 200+ projects (so that I can speificy each output folder), each output filename defaults to the same class file and I have to change the compiler line for 200+ times.

Could someone share their experience about how to manage a project as such?

Thanks a lot

10-24-2011, 04:27 PM
For big quantity of files I recomend to use ANT to build your project, another choice is to use JSFL to automatically publish or your fla files somewhere