View Full Version : Android fighting game in development! Need programmer.

12-23-2011, 07:05 AM
Hello there, I'm working on a fighting game (Real-time) at the moment. I'm more of a artist then a programmer. I'm currently working solo and I was thinking kinda high quality so the drawing take longer time then average witch means it will take forever to finish on my own. I've began doing basic movement for touch and a little multiplayer using FlashIO. I have a two animations uploaded so far on deviantart so uou can check it out.

What will you have to do as a programmer?
Basically program all buttons required
-> -> = double dash
I had in mind 3/4 attack buttons "Jump" "first" "kick".
Jump once up in air jump twice = dashing in air against target.
and then the a little tweeking on the movement.
If you can make a class or what ever that trace inputted buttons you're very welcome to help out, This game will have several follow up games with new content and will be sold on android market!

deviantart.com search for HolmiboiiUzumaki