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01-11-2012, 06:35 AM
What I'm Using
FLASH Version 10.1
CS5 ActionScript 2.0

Been a user of flash back when it was still macromedia's product! Ever since then it's gotten worse, guess I'm still old school!

Just got on CS5, paid big bucks $$$ that I don't have...gone to do a project for a client that involves both .app and .exe projector on a CD. I have got the PC projector working fine, so anyone thinking they are smart and posting that "Oh this might work...but it's what you would do on a PC", please don't!! Stick to my details please by only posting stuff MAC related!

My project features an .app projector to open external .pdf files! I know we all have these kind of projects and most of us know how to do it all - Call it from a Applescript file inside of the fscommand folders and other ways by making disc images and what not! When I went to go do this with CS5 AS2.0 it doesn't work. Done it a 1000 times before on other versions but CS5...crap! Seem's like Adobe is making fscommand exec alot more secure so you can't do anything or what? (The virus flash issues)

Question of the day that I need help with getting a solution where no-one else seems to have the answer (spent two days working at this one and searching, not going to bed until I solve this. Don't want to switch back to previous versions because of it);

Has anyone been successful at using CS5 AS2.0 and calling an external application to load a .pdf using fscommand ("exec", "yourProjector"); yet? If so let me know how you did it!
At the moment using CS5 I press my button and...nothing happens. Where with Flash 8 and older version I have got it to work (Lots of struggles)

I do know there are people out there who claim it cannot be done anymore. I can use AS3 but all of my work has been done with AS2! Time to switch to AS3 with these kind of problems or do they still arise by using AS3?

Further note, my version for the PC was fine. Used NorthCodes proxy.exe and all that jazz on my previous jobs, works great! (Even works with CS5)
(The best NorthCode:cool:)

Appreciate your thoughts and if Adobe has got some kind of patch or something that I'm not aware of, please let me know!

01-20-2012, 05:50 PM
Did you ever come up with a CS5.5 solution? I'm trying do to the same thing except with AS3.

I'm trying to launch a separate projector file and a pdfs from a CD. Like your project, everything works fine on a PC but nothing works on the mac.

01-22-2012, 12:59 AM
The same solution you used with older versions of Flash should still work with CS5, however...

When Adobe released Flash CS3 (I think) they moved the fscommand folder. Instead of being out, in the real world, beside your .app file it now has to be INSIDE the .app file.

So you need to open the .app file and create the fscommand folder inside it and put all your files in there.

If you open the .app file and look around you'll find this folder


And that's where you want to create the new fscommand folder.


Put your AppleScripts and the files you want to launch in there. If you don't put the files you want to launch in there, you'll have to figure out how to access them 3 or 4 levels up in the folder structure (assuming in that case that they're going to be outside the .app file).