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01-23-2001, 03:04 PM
not blur...not bad quality, but why my clip get slow when i use 20 k images???? theres some way to optimize them?ive checked lots of tutorials teaching intersting stuffs like use the special color tool and stuffs...but none of how get faster animations using jpgs on flash? my fps is 18 and donno what else i can do...my movie goes ok but when appear a image it get slowwwwww....what can i do? any help people?
many thanks

01-23-2001, 10:25 PM
This generally happens when Flash has too many vectors to render atop or below the garaphic. I would usggest removing anything that would require a lot of processing to redraw. Stuff like grids and often draggable clips. Perhaps to a size report (Ctrl Shift F12, under publish settings) when you next publish and see which elements are the biggest and look fora way to optimize them. I remember from past experience that I had a jpg with a vector grid over it and an MP3 sound. When I added any animation whatsoever it went really slow on all computers. If I removed the grid it fixed up. If I removed the jpg it fixed up. So I made the jpg much lower quality, and half the size, (in px) then blew it up in Flash and i solved my problem.