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05-04-2003, 04:29 PM

if anyone could help me i'd be very greatful!

Very new to flash, i'm using mx version and have just made a combo box. I've given in the instance name "one" and have filled in the labels. how do i make it load the movie "BLIntro.swf" (which is in the library and action script enabled) when you choose the label entitled "Boundary Layer" from the list? i'm sure this should be really easy but i'm completely stuck and it's fraustrating!



please please please help me! this is for a dissertation that has to be handed in tomorrow afternoon(05-07-2003)! please?! i'm so desperately stuck and its got to be so simple...

05-07-2003, 01:31 AM
alas the indignity stops... cheers to jdriscol i've managed to adapt code you gave as help to someone else - works like a charm! ...it's been emotional...