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05-05-2003, 02:52 PM

i have a flash projector that runs smoothly on a pc and mac osx(10), but on the mac os 9, my links to load external .swf(s) are are lost.

having gone thru many articles, i have found the root of the problem to be the way mac references files, with a colon (:) and not a slash (/) as pc or osx normally would.

the way i have burnt my cd is that the external content are catergorised neatly in folders (ie, /screensavers/something.swf)
and in my loadmovie script, i have written it to load these files as such (/screensavers/something.swf), the problem lies when os9 references them, cos there's no colons!

i've also read articles that an applescript should be written to launch .pdfs, but however, thinking about it, i think in my case my solution would be as simple as moving all external files to the root directory of the cd, in the same location as the main projector file.

that way, in my loadmovie code i would not have to reference them to any folder, but instead just the file name (ie. loadmovie "something.swf" ) and hence do away with the whole 'slash/colon' problem

please help sound this off. is the solution ok? or is there a better way? time and resources forbids me to do tests, as much as i would love to... but i would like to hear it from the experts first :)

thanks ya!

05-06-2003, 03:47 AM
ok i just tried dumping all the videos in the same directory as the main projector file,
i changed all the codes such that the loadmovie now loads the .swf file directly.

but still the video doesn't play on mac os 9 ... now is that a quicktime problem? or is there still something wrong with my code?

please help urgent!


05-06-2003, 08:03 AM
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we should see the code to help u right