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05-08-2003, 07:44 AM
I've got a serious problem here. I want to start up several projectors from a main projector. In the Flash 6 player, the security has been tightened. One has to put applications you want to start up in a folder called 'fscommand'. That's OK, but I have several projectors (with different names) that all use their own folder called 'data'. So I can't put them in the same folder 'fscommand'. I have to make subfolders but the security of Flash 6 doesn't allow to set a path to subfolders... I've tried a few workarounds:
- create a 'launcher' which loads into level0 the external swf form the subfolder... this is not good, because my vars in the loaded swf get messed up.
- getUrl, calling the projector. It starts up the browser first and that's not good
- creating launchers with applescript (for mac) and using bat-files (windows): in applescript I only seem the be able to create absolute paths an not relative paths, which is annoying because testing becomes very clumsy. And I haven't even trieds to create a batfile (does it work on XP anyway?)
- I dont have director :)
- Use the Flash 5 player, but than Mac OS X users have to run the projector in Classic (or am I wrong? (I hope..))
Are there any other solutions or is there a way to alter the flash 6 player?

Many thanks in advance :)


05-08-2003, 08:27 PM
well, there's great tools for this, and I mean great, like flash studio pro or swf studio, with this tools you can add any txt files you use into the same proyector and forget about the security protection in the flash player

05-09-2003, 06:36 AM
you're right. i took a look at those tools, but the problem is that none of these tools work an a mac.. i guess it'll always be this kind of trouble that i'll keep running into developing on a mac :/
yesterday i did the the job in flash 5, but i'm not satisfied with the fact that in this way mac OS X users will have to play it in classic.
today i'll try the applescript/batfile route again, with better luck this time i hope :)