View Full Version : connection problems with remoting BB

05-22-2003, 12:49 AM
i too followed the very informative 'php/flash remoting' tutorial (thanks Jesse), and for the life of me, i cannot seem to get a connection to flash. is there a good way to debug this within flash when testing online? i am at work, slacking off, so cant test locally. i have uploaded the amfphp to the server, checked and rechecked the locations of all the files, gateway.php on its own displays no errors, but i still cant get a connection for the remotingBB/read.swf. is there something that needs to be set up server side? or some very simple thing i'm doing wrong. its hard to know exactly, but any input would be appreciated..

05-23-2003, 07:24 AM
open the "NetConnectionDebbuger" panel( on "window" menu), here you can see all the stuff hapenning(inside flash ide), is better than nothing.
Also, you have to modify some parameters (user, password at least) over the MySql php connection file (don't have the files at hand to verify where i changed), and re-verify the paths on the "gateway.php" files (when they are wrong, you will see on the NetConn panel a "bad version" error(shuld be "wrong path", don't :) )