View Full Version : Help with a DDR game

06-01-2003, 12:33 PM
Hi there.

I am making a DDR type game. For those that don't know, DDR plays a song and you must press the arrow keys in relation to those that popup on the screen to simulate the music.

I have most of my code done. I got the arrows to sucessfully duplicate and sync with the music. I also have a combo box working. But over the past few days I have racked my brain as hard as I can, to no avail with these new problems.

1) If you play the game and hold down an arrow, you get all the possible points and combo that you could from that arrow. Which is bad. I need (somehow) to prevent this cheating from happening. I tried some if(key.isdown) statements, but they seem to not like me.

2) My second problem is that the combo box won't reset if you miss a key. The main problem is that some arrows might overlap very closely to others, so if you have a universal code that detects a change in, say the score, you would give extra combos where it should have reset.

These are sort of hard to explain because I think my code is a little loopy, in that I code the long way, rather than the easy way. I also name things weird.

Any help is appreciated