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06-02-2003, 05:18 AM
I have some input fields sending data out using a function "createNewUser"(my first ever). I decided to replace an input text field with a Combo Box (component name = mc_combo). I manually entered the values for "Labels" & "Data" through flash but I cannot create a varible for the Data value of the combo box. Below is my function and the one varible declaration i cannot work out is indicated.

Many thanks in advance

function createNewUser(firstnameValue, lastnameValue, dayValue, monthValue, usernameValue){

_root.store.firstname = firstnameValue;
_root.store.lastname = lastnameValue;
_root.store.day = mc_combo.setDataProvider(Data); [WRONG! ]
_root.store.month = monthValue;
_root.store.username = usernameValue;
_root.store.loadVariables("create_new_user.php.php", "POST");
//sends all the variables stored within the 'store' movieclip to the 'create_new_user.php' server page