View Full Version : sound on and off animation/button

06-05-2001, 09:19 PM
i want a button to turn sound on and off which looks like a speaker with sound waves pumping out, i can do this. But i want to make it a button so when you click it the animation and sound stops
ps im really thick


06-25-2001, 03:39 PM
make a 3-frame movieclip with a movieclip in each frame ie a pumping speaker in frame 01 and 02, and a silent speaker animation in frame 03.

the actions in the first frame would be:


this initiates the sound....so the sound is playing as soon as it appears in the _root.timeline.

make sure frames 02 & 03 have a stop action on it.

then add a button layer over frames 02 & 03. Make invisible buttons [these are the most invaluable things to non-techie flash makers- an invisible button is a button symbol with only a "hit" area defined- nothing else in the other frames ] . the actions on the button instance in frame02 would be

on (mouseDown)
stopSound (mySound)
gotoAndStop (2);

and the actions in button instance on frame03 would be

on (mouseDown)
gotoAndPlay (1);

so this movieclip plays on the stage with animation pumping with music [frames 01 and 02] and stops when pressed [frame 03] and then starts again if pressed again [goToAndPlay 01]

the lesson here is to use INVISIBLE BUTTONS, to control what movieclips show };`D=