View Full Version : Making a MC visible on another frame

06-05-2001, 09:58 PM
Ok, here's another one... (gosh, I'm making all my learning here ain't I?)

I have 4 MC, mc1, mc2, mc3 and mc4 and they are all on frame say... 10 only.
On frame 5, I have a Action script that is making the MCs visible or invisible depending on an external variable... well it is suppose to.
I have
setProperty ("_level0.mc1an", _visible, False);
on my frame but... if the MCs are on the same frame as the ActionScript, everything is ok, but I want the MCs on frame 10 to react...
need something else in my script, that I know, but what?

Also, if I get trough this, is it possible, if my MC as a tween effect from alpha 0 to 100, will it still work of I wnat or do not wnat it to appear on my scene?
So many questions...take them one at a time..

06-06-2001, 02:11 AM
you can't set them invisible if they aren't ont he stage. you will have to set a variable:

obj1visi = false

then when you get to frame 10 set the vis of obj1 tot he variable

_root.obj1._visible = obj1visi