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06-19-2003, 08:13 AM

i hope that i can explain it well:)

i'm creating a game with a helicopter that can pick up persons.
i got a flying chopper and a character. at the moment it is like this: the character is placed somewhere on the stage. the chopper can be moved with the arrow keys. now i want to pick up the character. i got a hitTest-script on the character, which attaches it to the chopper. that looks quite strange! because the character is hanging at the right of the chopper in the air.
now my question: i have an embedded "door open" animation in the movieclip of the helicopter. the user can press "d" and the door of the chopper opens. now i would like to pick up (hitTest) the character first when the door is open.
do i have to solve that with variables or is there another possibility?
how would you create a realistic "rescue" animation, perhaps with a sample???

thanks a lot in advance