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01-28-2001, 09:19 PM
Here's a little something might be worth holding onto for future reference;

Try these possible work around for the unstable Flash 5 code. This is a list of suggestions people have tried and seem to help keep Flash 5 from crashing. Please let people know if these things help you by replying to his thread and posting a new one with a link back to his one. artist 1 suggest) 1. Use the appleScript available at: http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n25134 to remove temporary items stored in an invisible folder. 2. Change the number of undos in your preferences to something more reasonable than 100. 3. It seems the more stuff you import, the worse the problem. Try the following workaround import your graphics and sounds into a new Flash file. Save this file in the "Libraries" folder located in the Macromedia Flash folder created when you installed the program. These files will now appear as "common libraries." For whatever reason they don't seem to crash your file as much. 4. Do a "save as" often - it helps restructure your file. Don't use command S to save. (artist 2 suggest) Put the PREFERENCES from Flash 4 and the entire Flash 4 APPLICATION in my Trash (did NOT delete though)........ ......uh, Flash 5 seems to be working without a problem, now. (artist 3 suggest) Mac G3 OS 9.0.4 400 mhz 256 ram I give Flash 5 180 MB of Ram. I have Flash 4 also but disable the extension. I use Remove Temp Items often to get rid of free memory I have undos set to 20 (artist 4 suggest) Use the F4 timeline view Remove some unnecessary USB extensions (erroneous junk the OS 9.04 installer dumps in, as well as ALL unnecessary extensions and contr. panels) to get my command key to work (G4 w/ Apple Pro keyboard and Wacom USB tablet). (artist 5 suggest) Hi, I'm using F5 on a 500 MHz G4, os 9.04. I have 65 Mb allocated to F5 and virtual memory turned OFF. Also, try changing the disk cache setting (Memory control panel) to 1024k (click on the 'Custom' button). There are other setting changes that can be made, like with NAV (if installed), and a ton of junk that gets installed with OS 9.04. If you have that Key chain and Security garbage loaded, DISABLE it. Also, if you se Stuffit Deluxe, make sure TFI is NOT loaded.If you need more help, email me at: [email protected] (artist 6 suggest) I have a G4 Cube at home that never crashes with Flash 5. (Actually, my problems are at work with the Pentium III PCs) Try deactivating all but the really necessary extensions, including all those Desktop Printing ones, etc. Hope some of this helps if it does or doesn't please inform everyone.

~ mgb