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12-05-2000, 05:39 PM
OK here's my problem

I'm a multimedia sculptor building my homesite in flash4, part of my site is a portfolio of my work.

This is made up of over 50 images each image/jpeg has 3 sizes -
large, thumb and 50% thumb. To speed up on load time I've broken the portfolio into many swf files which only load if or when needed.

The images can first be seen at 50% thumb then if the viewer likes what they see a button can display a larger version.

The problem I'm having is away of using ActionScript to match one variable name in a movieclip to the same variable name in a different movieclip ?
What I need is the script on a button that can compare and match the name of the small BMP embedded into a movie clip to find its larger brother in another movieclip and load this into yet another movie clip ?
So how do I write this code that gets a variable name and matches it to another ?

Pseudo code

On mouse down
Get name of frame on/movieclip small
Compare name to names in /movieclipthumbs
When /movieclip small name = /movieclipthumbs name
Display movieclipthumbs in movieclipthumb2

I hope I'm making sense any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Cheers Mark

12-12-2000, 10:57 AM
ok let me get his wright, you have some pictures and there a series of thumnails that when clicked you want to be showon bigger?

what you could do is just do a load movie function.
for this you need to have a seperate file containg a larger picture, so when the thumbnail is clcked it go grabs the corrisponding swf, and places it within the movie. You could also have the thumbnails as seperate swfs, so when the bigger picture is loaded it gets rid of the smaller one.
this could be done like this

on (release) {
unloadMovie ("thumnail.swf"); //this removes the smaller image
loadMovieNum ("mainimage.swf", 2);//this grabs larger image.
hope this what you where looking for