View Full Version : turning windowless mode on and off? (most likely not a Flash question, more js)

annoying n00b
08-11-2003, 10:20 PM
i made an animation and blends in with the background of the html page. in this animation, the background (or rather, a low layered colored box) of the flash changes, and i wanted to make the background of the html page change with it.

my first attempt used simple javascript with the fscommand to change document.bgcolor to the mc color. however, it didn't work very smoothly since the browser updated the color a split second shorter than the flash file ... or maybe it was the other way around. it's hard to tell, but regardless, you could see the edge of the flash.

my second try was to just use javascript thru fscommands and make the flash file with a transparent background.

this works fine for the effect, but since i have a bit of alpha and a high frame rate, it slooows down other parts of the animation.

is there a way to change the wmode parameter, obviously without having to load a different page?