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08-13-2003, 02:28 PM
I'm trying to develop a word scramble game. The user us given a word and has to make up as many words as they can from a given word. (Check out my example attached below.)

I have it set up so that the user can add words to a list. However, instead of the user being able to enter any word, I want them to only enter the correct words (given at the bottom of the screen in this example.) And I'd like it so say whether the word is correct or not at the bottom.


thanks in advance!

08-13-2003, 02:48 PM
You may be able to adapt the code in this file (http://www.dzlive.com/images/nameArray.fla) to work for what you want to do. It's something I made for another thread earlier that allows you to add names to an array and it gives you an error if the name is already in the array.

You could do something similiar to the loop that checks the entire array to see if the name is already in it. If the word is found, then ........ else (not a valid word) ........

I can't look at your file now, but will later at home if you can't get it on your own. I always find that getting it on your own is much more satisfying. Good luck.

08-13-2003, 02:56 PM
If anyone wants to help, this conversation is also happening here:

See the attachment.