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06-18-2001, 05:52 PM
I could really use a helping hand.

I am using a dynamic text field in flash to read from an asp file that is pulling data from an access database. All works well until the introduction of certian special characters such as double quotes or ampersand or greater than sign. I realize that this tells flash there is supposed to be some type of tag here and that certan specail characters will do this.

If I manually replace the special characters with the URL encoded version in the database it works fine. I could always prevent these characters from being entered in the database but this is supposed to be for a guestbook and people like to leave little symbols like <:-) or say things like You guys "rock". I don't want to limit the data going in because the guestbook also displays on an HTML page The URL encoding would confuse the hell out of people. Can you imagine a message like You guys "ROCK" <-)

You get my point.

OK fine. All I need is a replace function to run in my asp code to find the instance of a special character and URL encode it. This can be Javascript or VB Script but I can't seem to make one work and I can't find one to use. Certainly everyone else using dynamic text from a database have the potential to run into this problem. If someone could write the solution and post it they would probably get a lot of kudos, they would certainly get a big THANK YOU from me. HELP!!!

Feel free to email me with suggestions
drliebs at sssnet .com

07-02-2001, 07:38 PM
I can't believe there hasn't been a single person to run into this problem. Nice :(

07-03-2001, 01:54 AM
since the function you're looking for is to be run in the asp page you're more likely to find an answer on an ASP forum. sorry but I can't help.