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06-18-2001, 07:42 PM
I have a real dilemma. I have a piece that is created in scenes and is 647K long when it's all in one piece. Very quickly into this piece, the user has the opportunity to choose from 8 options which jump to different scenes. I found that I needed to preload up to the beginning of the 8th option (LOTS!) to make sure the movie didn't freeze if they chose #8 first.

Then I tried breaking it into separate movies and using load/unload movie to play the parts with a brief preloader at the beginning of each piece. This seems to work but it increased the total file size to 1MB!!

Any better suggestions on ways to handle this? I'm just about out of ideas here. TIA


06-18-2001, 08:12 PM
I had a simular problem
what worked for me was this:
make your basic scene call it "base" it will have all your basic background stuff.
so that file will be published as base.html and you will have a swf called base.swf.
Now take your movie clips or scenes that you have to navigate to. put them each all by themselves with a loader in their own .Fla project. Publish each one as their own .swf file. let's say you have four scenes you want to navigate to
lets call them: two.swf, three.swf, four.swf., five.swf.

Now in your base. Fla, your buttons and interaction will all be telltargets or load url.swf and you just have to chose the correct levels.
example load two.swf into level 2 and load three.swf into level 3 if you want to delete the swfs when your done with them you could just load each one into level 2 and each time the person chooses a button it will unload the old swf and load the new one into that leve.
I have an example of what the heck I'm talking about. I could put it up on mysite and have you download it. I have never zipped a file but I have the program to do it. If you still need help in an hour or so I could give it a try.

06-18-2001, 08:47 PM
Here's what I did to solve a problem.
it's a long download. Good Luck



06-18-2001, 09:34 PM
can't unzip the file...get a pkzip error message. Could you send it to me via private email? [email protected]



07-01-2001, 06:36 PM
hi can you send me a copy of it too..at [email protected]

07-02-2001, 02:11 AM
me too :)

[email protected]

07-04-2001, 11:10 PM
Do you still have this available? I'd really like to get a copy. My email is [email protected] Thanks!!

07-06-2001, 12:52 AM
I have tried to send the zip file but I keep getting that your e-mails don't exhist. Respond and I will try again.

07-06-2001, 12:57 AM
my email definately exists i recieve emails all the time :(

please try again [email protected]
or icq 252896


07-06-2001, 12:59 AM
also loadurl ? does that work ... is it the same as geturl or is that different ?

07-06-2001, 01:37 AM
thanks for trying - my email definitely should work - I got email informing me that you had replied!

Please try again - thanks!

07-06-2001, 06:20 AM
I hope you will be able to understand what you get.
The file is large and I had to delete all the swf files and the html files. Take a look at how I published them and notice this...that I publish only swf files for all of the files except snugwear.fla, I publish that one with an html file. the previous zip file it wasn't like that sorry Linda. The reason you only need swf's is because the html file is like the holder of the swf movies and you can layer the swf's on top of each other all in one html document. The other reason is, is that when the buttons tell the swf files to loadmovie it is like get url but what it is really doing is loading a movie(swf file on top of the next). Also notice that you have to choose a level. The reason you do this so you can layer the transparent swfs into the movie the way you want it to be seen. Think of it like the layers in flash, when you are drawing a picture. You will notice that the snugwear movie is the main movie and it is the one published with the html file. That movie is considered level 0 and all the others layer above it. So all the other swf's I load, I load in layer 1, because when I choose a new button the new loaded movie will bump out the one that was there before. I loaded a movie on the first frame that is loaded into the level 4 because that stays at all times, it is a streaming audio background music.
Variance geturl will replace all of your files and not layer, so you should use the loadmovie under basic actions.
for this project. But for other project I would assume load url would be simular to get url but I would have to read the topic in the book on that one. I will try to re-send. bye for now

07-06-2001, 10:30 PM
hi kujo, can you send it to me at [email protected]