View Full Version : please help me uderstand - general FCS question

08-20-2003, 01:38 PM
hey guys,

I'm experimenting with FCS and I've got few questions.

I'm creating a dynamic website that employs video chat technology. The site is a club where members can chat with eachother, see pictures of each other etc (much like a dating site).

I've created the site in Dreamweaver and I've come as far as I can. I don't know anything about Java so, I figure FCS would be my best bet but, I'm a bit confused.

Can I create video chat "movies" using FCS and use them in a conventional ASP page or does the entire site have to be flash?

I'm using IIS and I suppose I also have to use FCS. Is there a conflict here? Do they work together or is it a one-or-the-other scenario? Are they on the same server or on different servers?

I'm pretty confused, I would appreciate your help in clearing my head a little.

Thanks very much!