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08-26-2003, 06:15 AM

We are seeking a professional programmer that has an obsession for what they do.

As we are small business in London, it would be prefered if you could work either in the office 2days a week or be close enough to 'drop by' for a coffee.

We currently have more flash work coming through our studio, and need someone capable of working closely with our designers on the animations and coding of the sites. There will be a need for XML and possible PHP so send over links of your work and get in touch if you think you fit the part...



08-26-2003, 09:43 AM
no responses?

09-03-2003, 06:57 PM
Hi cuse, I am based in Amersham (on the Metro line - on the end of the line admittedly). I am in need of work like you describe. You know what I am capable of, imageweaver for one (very nearly finished 1.5.0 just creating the interfaces, much better than before), but i am also capable of building even more complex scripting architecture. An example of which is my 'play here (http://playhere.buggedcom.co.uk)' game (give it a while to load as it was the first time i used a shared library and the streaming is a little buggered, also a cheat to get all the cars; login name = 'knight rider', password = 'turbo') which was never ever finished and has one or two bugs in it, but i had to cut corners to get it into a ready enough state for my college work. I have other work but it is mainly offline projects and print work. I crafted most of my college 'hub site (http://hub.lcp.linst.ac.uk)'. Admittedly it is a very basic site and i didn't do all of it but it shows a little more. To get to my projects section goto 'view by student' > 'Oliver Lillie'.

I graduated from the London College of Printing this May with a First Class BA Graphic and Media Design. I can code with php and can work with xml. And as you might of guest from all my work with imageWeaver i love Flash and Actionscript. but hey who doesn't?!

If you think you might like to see my sketchbook or want to see my cv let me know and i will send it over or pay you a visit. Alternativley you could ring me or email me.

07887 926038 - Mobile
01494 726806 - Home

09-08-2003, 05:49 AM
Hey mate,

sorry fot the late reply, i've sent you a PM.