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06-25-2001, 11:19 AM
Has anybody got any idea about my current problem...
If you have a scene with 7 'circle' buttons on it, and the idea is that you 'hover' over each one to see what it is (in the center), how do you stop someone making all the text appear in the centre when the user puts their mouse over it. Because they get a shock seeing all the labels pop up as you move across the centre of the movie.

Can anybody help? If so, email me or reply to the board. This is for my new job, btw.

I might add some Flash 5 to http://www.big-b.co.uk as well, If i can persuade my biz partner!! :)

Thnx, good site this is...


matt poole
06-28-2001, 11:45 AM
could you clarify your problem...

what are youtrying to achieve?

what script have you attached to the buttons so far?