View Full Version : triggering movies with rollOver

06-26-2001, 07:35 AM
I have a small problem... how does one trigger a movie object with just the mouse rolling over it?
Do you have to put it as one of the button states inside a button...? if so, how do you then define the hit area?
Also, if it's not much harder i would like to make the movie object start playing on mouse rollover, then when the mouse is moved away from the object, the movie object should halt playback... from wherever it last got to, thenr esume next rollOver from that point etc.
The effect is used lots on http://www.mt2europe.com i figured out how to do the 3d shapes, so i'm working with movie objects made from 3d vectors... (shouldn't matter though surely, in the end it's just a movie object)

Thanks for your time, and tell me if i'm wasting it :D

06-27-2001, 08:32 PM
I know you posted this yesterday so if you haven't figured it out already here's what I would do.

First: inside your movie clip make the first frame and second frame be the same thing. On the first frame put a stop action so that your movie clip won't just start playing on load. Then on the last frame put a gotoAndPlay frame 2. Then give your movie clip an instance name such as 3Dobject

Second: Make a button on the same level as the movie clip appears (eg-main timeline) that is the same size as the movie clip. For the button's actions Have
on (rollOver) {
tellTarget ("3Dobject") {
play ();
on (rollOut) {
tellTarget ("3Dobject") {
stop ();

Hope this helps.