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06-28-2001, 01:39 PM
Hi, I am very new to ActionScripts and am trying to get a list of firstname, lastname and 5 radio buttons to scroll. I have managed to get this to work using generator but am now experiencing problems with the values. (I have used generator as I have no idea how else to get text and graphics to scroll together).

I need each row of buttons to associate itself to each individual person and return a value of 0-4 to an invisible text box on the page. It won't work I can get the first button to give me a value of 1 but the other values don't seem to work. At the moment I have a button that returns the value of one but I want it to be automatic when the radio button is checked I also need the value to reset if
they uncheck 1 and check 2.

Please can anyone help? If this isn't clear please feel free to email me and I will send you the files to have a laugh at.

Thanks Andy

20 Ton Squirrel
06-28-2001, 03:18 PM
Posting the same thing twice? Bad form, man!!! Post once, be patient. Usually when you don't get a reply you either aren't being precise enough or you are asking something no one wants to admit ignorance to. Heheeh... I'm just in a saucy mood this morning.
I dunno alot about Generator, in fact I'm damn lucky I ever got my hands of Flash to begin with... much less the sacred Flash5! I don't see why you'd need it just to scroll a few objects together on the stage.
You can get your group of objects to scroll by selecting them all and making a single MC out of them. Then you can treat that MC like you would any other MC... tweak dem properties 'till you make it cry.
As for associating each row of buttons and whut not... uhm... I'm not exactly sure what yer getting at here, but I assume you are talking about having each button with some bloke's name on it along with the button's corresponding number. When the user clicks, the button sends it's number to a variable somewhere else on stage.
Mayhaps you could post your work somewhere so we can vivisect it? Don't worry, we won't laugh. We all start at the same place when it comes to this stuff. I'm still a neophyte m'self.

06-28-2001, 03:55 PM
I know it was a bit cheeky but it's getting late over here in rainy England and I was beginning to worry. I was a little concerned that my message didn't make much sense :-)

I have published it to http://www.marksymons.org/andrea

If you could have a look i'm happy to recieve any advice you can give me i'm brand new to Flash 5 and I have zero knowledge of ActionScripts so I could be go about this whole process in a totally arse about face way!

Thanks for your time.


20 Ton Squirrel
06-28-2001, 05:15 PM
Okie, I downloaded yer FLA and I'm vivisecting it now... muahahaha... Ummm... I'll get back to you on stuff once I get a better look at your problem.
Right off the cuff I can offer a couple design suggestions. On your graph MC you can simply motion tween a rectangle going from small to tall across 50 frames. Makes it easier to build. Plus you can re-use that one MC over and over again on the stage. Just be sure to name each differently if you wish to access them programatically. This will save you from making needless objects in yer library. Quicker download, too.
Also, you don't necessarily need to slap a stop() statement in every frame. On a MC I want to control I usually put a single stop() statement on the first frame and then use gotoAndStop() to move the playhead. Don't worry, it works. That, too, will save you some on the final size of yer SWF when published. I'm all about efficiency... and the benji's. Werd.
At any rate, give me a few to see how this thing works and I'll get back to ye.

Snootch to the nootch!

20 Ton Squirrel
06-28-2001, 06:53 PM
Okay... I've looked through this and tried to run it to no avail. Perhaps this is because I do not have Generator. But this does not throw me out of the assisting department, oh no!
From what I can tell you have the list box populate with data based on the text file. I've done something like this before. Since I didn't have spiffy Generator, I had a "listbox" MC that contained a single "item" MC which consisted of text and a button.
When the listbox was populated with data, it would duplicate that MC for each entry, slapping the name of a user from the data into the text. The button itself would send the text back to the controlling listbox's "selected" variable.
If I wanted to do something like track what number that button was, I'd simply lean back on the naming conventions I gave to the duped MC's: the original being "item" and each subsequent MC was that name incremented (item1, item2). So to get the number of the MC I'd simply take the characters after the word "item" on the MC _name.
Umm... I realize that's a bunch of babble. Did that help any?

* Look up some tutorials on using variables, paths, and targets to pass around data

06-29-2001, 08:34 AM

Thanks for the advice I will give this a go now and if I get stuck i'll let you know.