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09-30-2003, 02:41 PM
I need to use a scrollpane component in a flash website that i am making..

i will describe the need...

In the main page of this flash website i need to make a scroll pane so that in it would have other pages in the website like NEWS, INFO, PHOTOS etc..

The first page to be displayed in this scroll pane is a welcome page, which welcomes the user who have visited the site, then buttons in the website will change the page displayed in the scroll pane..

I have made use of a scroll pane since the page to load in the scroll pane is bigger than the area i have allotted to show this page, and therefore the scroll pane would provide me with scroll bars, and that is what i want

Now, when i load a big page in the scroll pane, no scroll bars are shown, i don't know why :(

The page to be loaded in the scroll pane is only taller and not wider therefore i only need vertical scrollbars.. Even if I make the vScrollPolicy to "on" they don't work, they remain disabled and i don't know why..

This scroll pane is wide as the pages i load in it, i use it only to have vertical scroll bars but they aren't working..

I have tried to make a really small scroll pane and load a big page in it, and this showed some scrollbars but when i scrolled to the right of the page it didn't scroll to the other end of the page, it only scrolled for a quarter of the page and then no more.. i don't why..

Hope you have understood my problem... and you can help me with it...

thanks in advance

10-03-2003, 09:08 PM
I had trouble when I first began using them. But I can't help unless you upload a zip file or post some code.

Better yet, post your fla on the web. And a swf if you can.