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11-24-2003, 07:10 PM
Ok, this is the situation:

I am trying to develop a site where different users can store profiles--for instance, I am Jeremiah and I have three kids (hypothetically, not actually) and I want to display information for each of them. I want to load 3 separate pages that will have information on each child (pics and text). I need each of these to have unique urls as I want to link to them independently.

I have tried this by simply passing on php variables and reading them into flash and I have tried with AMFPHP. I think AMFPHP is supposed to theoretically address this issue, but I cannot read information from the database and get no error message. The former method, loading a php file into my swf, has its limitations as I cannot dynamically (to my knowledge) load a path that has php variable information and even if I could, I would need to bind the data to some sort of selection component (ie dropbox) anyway.

I have been working on this for days with no signs of progress and am starting to lose my mind. My prospective solution at this point is to make a php page with the specific url (based on the mysql information) and have it automatically redirect to a php page that contains the flash movie clips, but I don't want to start this if it's going to lead me down the wrong path--yet again.

Does anyone have advice on this?

Thank you much,

11-25-2003, 07:14 AM
not really sure what you mean.

why dont you open three windows with the same php page but different variables added to the url which will decide which info is grabbed from the database.

this way you will still be able to bookmark them as different urls.