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11-27-2003, 10:09 AM
Hi everybody :-)

I have been looking in many books about Flash AS, and... can't find any precision about how far the libraries are shared between diferent swf in the same window... Or, how far are the "linked" symbols can be "attached", from one movie to another...

Let's say I've got dozens of little symbols I want to share in diferent swf dynamicly loaded on top of a main one.
The best solution would be to use the "linkage" window stuff, BUT, this doesn't work from one swf to another aparently.
"duplicateMovie" is not giving the result I need either.

Has anybody had the same requirement and found a clever way to do it?

To check more about for what I need that, just check www.algarvemaps.com/test.asp (and click on the city called "Albufeira").
I would like to have all the symbols on a separate swf so I can work on them without having to open the main movie...

Thanx for your collaboration ;-)