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Woofys the Greek!
02-07-2001, 10:12 AM
Hello again everyone,
I'm trying to learn thousand s.... at the same time.Anyway.What I want to achieve is to load my textual content on my movie clip, which uses masking as well (well there is the mask and under it another scrollable text movie clip - don't think I did that myself, I used the code from a great spanish programmer, I'm so grateful to him as well!).
Until now the text was inside the .fla which of course I type, and every time I want to change something I type anew.
I have created a small mySQL database with 3 tables (each for every language I want to use) and I want to query it via a php script so that the text would appear dynamically into my movie.
Now forget the php script (I'm still working on it), how do I say and where in the text movie clip to load the php file so that the text would appear?

Any hints?


02-07-2001, 12:45 PM
Checkout this tutorial for the PHP/MySQL interaction:

I'm learning this too, my new site will be announced here in a week or two.

You can then load the variables in using loadMovieNUM and calling your PHP